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21 Mar 2021

How to Get Started Collecting

| It's 1793 For Me

There is a point where everyone gives up on something because it's too hard. Maybe it's art, or writing, or something else, but there is always one way that makes it fun. This is no different for numismatics. There is always ways to give up, and ways to keep going. Hopefully, you can keep going with these little tricks!1: Start SmallThis can be difficult with every collector starting off thinking about double eagles and Barber Dimes, but just start with a small, affordable set (see my article Cheap Collecting). These can be fun and cheap, especially Lincoln Cents (well, besides the key dates), and Buffalo Nickels. I made this mistake by starting with every coin I had access to, which made collecting for me very expensive.2: Have a budgetThis is not easy, as you can easily spend more than $100 daydreaming about coins, but my bud TheNumisMaster mainly does it by trading coins and has a money budget of $40/month. Hopefully this helps.3: Don't ProcrastinateFor more info, check out my article Numismatic Procrastination, but basically, don't wait to bid on eBay or grade coins or anything else. This applies to other hobbies as well. Procrastination can lead to not enjoying it.Hope these simple tricks can lead to you enjoying numismatics more, and as always, Stay Numismatic :)


Good idea, I think I shall do this. Thanks.

Thanks for the tips! This will surely help me a bit more on not getting bored!


Level 5

Goals and budgets and plans. Good advice.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

When I started collecting I ran into the same roadblocks. I collected all of the easy or common coins and was then stuck because I couldn't afford the more expensive key dates and then so I gave up and started on Jeffersons...and so on. Well, don't give up!! Hang on to what you have because someday you'll be able to fill those empty spots...I never would have thought I'd be able to afford the 09 S VDB, a 3 legged Buffalo or a 16 D Mercury....but I have them all now!!

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