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18 Mar 2021

Numismatic Procrastination

| It's 1793 For Me

What is Numismatic Procrastination? Connect the words. Numismatic, as in relating to coins or paper currency, and Procrastination, delaying a task because of laziness. It means: Delaying a Numismatic task. Like, bidding on eBay or selling your rare doubles. You can fix it though. Just make a "Numismatic To-Do List". Put everything you need to do on it, and Get Them Done!No matter how hard it is (I don't really consider any numismatics hard), just do it! There is no point is coin collecting if you dont put in the effort. And remember, Enjoy it :) Stay Numismatic.


Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Excellent reminder. I have a "to do" list for each of my collections, i.e. cents, Indian Head, currency, foreign etc. The first thing on my list is to reduce the number of coins and collections. Since I started with my list, I've increased in the number of coins and collections. I'm going in the wrong direction. Your blog came at just the right time. Thank you. Stay Safe, Mr B


Level 6

All in good time... ; ) A little impulse buying is fine. Keep within your budget. ; )


Level 5

Number one on some peoples list- immediately sell that super rare modern eagle bullion coin! Mike is right- you will go broke buying coins out of nowhere. You need to have a controlled spending pattern.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

When I go to buy, I always have a list of what I want, and price points I am willing to spend up to on each coin. Doing the homework before you go will save you time and keep you in a budget. Of course, I always leave a little for something I come across that I didn't expect to come across.


Level 5

Good stuff! $$ Is the issue for me as well... Hope to get a job soon (: Cheers!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Numismatics is a wonderful and relaxing past time. I would never want to put Numismatics in "Do It" mode. I left "Do It" culture behind when I retired. (:


Level 5

Love impulse buying. Bad habit of mine. Slowing down now. Just want to concentrate on some nice coins and not a series. Maybe a key or semi key coin from time to time. I procrastinate a lot.


Level 6

The main factor for me is $$$$$$$. Good luck.


Level 5

Not an issue in the Stumpy household! We have a monthly allowance and struggle not to overspend it. We are working on two major series, while trying to seriously upgrade an old Lincoln Cent collection, busy, busy, busy!


Level 7

Everyone here buys what they like and buys on a budget. Impulse buying will get you broke . Well if you don't have the money we waite till we do. I have been collecting 27 years. You buy when your ready.

love it!

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