U.S. Complete Collection

14 Mar 2021

My Collection of a Future Complete Set of U.S. Coins from 1793 LC Half Cent to 1933 WL Double Eagle.
I will be doing this where every item is an album of 20 - 150 Coins, Because I do not have the time or energy to put up 4,000 coins. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection. And by the way, if this is Kevin Lipton, please FRIEND ME. :)



Level 4

Great collection also a great goal.


Level 5

Very good stuff!! Youre getting up there!


Level 6

Nice collection!


Level 5

Nice collection. Your on a good start.

Thank You.


Level 2

Love the completed albums. How long have you been collecting?

About 5 months. You?


Level 2

Awesome collection Villager!

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