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21 Jan 2019

Why Can't Anybody Run a Useful Coin Discussion Board?

Collecting Tips | VKurtB

I simply don't get it. Maybe I'm of the wrong generation, or something. But why can't anybody run a coin discussion board that's worth spending time on? CoinTalk is a complete train wreck with excessively heavy-handed moderation, and it's run by egomaniacs. Disagree with them too much on ANYTHING, and they'll make up a violation to ban you. Their rules are really only one. "The site managers are above error." I know; been there, done that. Plus, the zeitgeist on CoinTalk.com has always beenOPENLY HOSTILE TO THE ANA! And the site MANAGERS AND OWNERSHIPARE THE RINGLEADERSof that zeitgeist. The NGC discussion board is moribund, and the PCGS is merely a rah-rah site for them, and little else. And is it just me, or does EVERYTHING that touches PCGS reek of a "superiority complex"?

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