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14 Apr 2021

2021 morgan and peace dollar

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I was looking on the mint's website and guess what I saw. It was the list of when certain coins are going to be released and the first day of production are going to be morgan dollars starting with the CC privy mark one on May,24,2021 and the organs will end in June,7,2021. Also, they will start the peace dollars on June,7,2021 the same day the morgans end. I am really excited and hope they don't charge $100 or something like that for just one. Hope you guys have a good week and stay safe! WL (image of coins belongs to Nusmaticnews.net)



Level 5

Will try for one myself. Good luck !


Level 6

Thanks for this information. Hopefully everyone that wants one will be able to purchase it with out all the "BS"... It is the Mint you know... Just sayin' ; )


Level 5

Yeah, im expecting to see $300 each. If it is as low as $100, I will be (attempting) to buy one!!!

It's Mokie

Level 6

LOL, they are going to charge through the YAZOO for these. Luckily I have zero interest in the 2021 Morgans. I will save all my precious coin for the 2021 matte finish, reverse enhanced, prooflike, Peace Dollar.


Level 6

I have to agree with SUN. Way too much hype. I notice the mint did not list mintages or limits. Hmmmmm. Sounds like a typical mint SNAFU. We will see. Don't forget all the multiple finishes they will announce. Thanks for the heads up. I hope everybody can afford one and gets one.


Level 7

I hope we all have charge cards with no limits. Look at all the different morgans. There will be more. Add that to the peace dollars. And mintage we all will be broke. The mint has allot more sites than that. I suggest you get a card on there site. It will save time when the bell rings!!


Level 6

A lot of hype on these coins. Hopefully, not too disappointed collectors.


Level 4

Id love to have one. I hope there's a 1 per household cap so scalpers cant just buy them all up like usual tho.

I'm probably gonna buy the Morgan if it isn't too expensive.

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