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03 Feb 2021

about me

| walking liberty

Since i am gaining new friends, I decided to make a more in-depth "about me" blog post. My name is Conner and I am 14 right now. I love walking liberty half dollars (if you knew that you are a good friend of mine or you are a psychic.) my second favorite coin is seated liberty coins. I live in Oregon United States Of America. I love playing video games my favorite is Call Of Duty. Besides coins, I collect knives because how they look and feel and I am rebuilding my set because 99% f my last one was stolen from me. I am here to help people if they have questions. (picture belongs to me but you can use it without asking) That's all thanks for reading WL



Level 5

Thanks for the info, I'm early 60s, collect coins, military stuff, (my collection is all across the spectrum), lead toy soldiers, and old bootlegger jugs. Disabled vet who was stationed & lived in many different countries and states, served from cold war era til after the first Gulf war. Married my Spousal Unit who i met while serving in Belgium. I currently reside in a retirement community in Florida.

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Conner, You picked some beautiful coins to to concentrate on. I live in Chicago and collect cents and half cents. I am 70 years old. That is not a misprint. All the best to you. Stay Safe, Mr. B


Level 6

Nice... Thanks for sharing ; )


Level 5

I am a knife collector as well! Someone relieve me of my knife collection last year.... what a shame.


Level 5

Well then, welcome! I am currently 14, and have a lot of other hobbies as well


Level 5

Hi Conner. I am 61 and enjoy golf, bowling, hiking, coins, skiing, backpacking, gardening. I have a co worker that makes knives, axes, swords. He metal works and has status in the knife making area. Something you might be interested in? Knife,sword making? I think Oregon is one of the 2 states mainland, my wife has not been to.

walking liberty

Level 4

I would recommend Oregon 100% during winter we get snow and rain. Summer is pretty warm (except grants pass is so hot its like hell) and we got lots of trees

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hey Conner, you seem to be very well rounded hobby - wise. I collect Military helmets, Ford Mustang stuff, and Batman Stuff in addition to coins. I lived in California most of my life but moved back home to Pennsylvania 3 years ago. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. PS- I am an old man of near 63.


Level 5

Nice to meet you! I am 15 right now, I like seated liberty coins to They just look so cool!

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