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05 Feb 2021

Coin shop pickups

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Hello everyone! This will be a short blog because I only got 4 things. The first thing I got was a 2006 Half Dollar to finish my 20th Century album. Second was a colored state quarter because Feb.4 is my baby sister's 4th birthday the state was Delaware because she likes horses. 3rd thing I got was a 1950-S PCGS MS65 quarter for $25. and the final thing was a Raw 1918-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar for $11.



Level 5

Come on, a 2006 half dollar for a 20TH CENTURY type set?!


Level 4

Great coins! I love the 1950-s quarter!

Nice coins.


Level 3

Those are great pickups.


Level 5

Those are really nice pickups, not to mention the gift for your sister. Enjoyed the blog.

It's Mokie

Level 6

You're a good brother!!!


Level 5

They look great! I actually went to my LCS yesterday, maybe I'll write a blog on it

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Nice pickups. Its a great feeling when you are able to find something you have been looking for. Its also a great feeling when you find something you haven't been looking for but is a good, surprise find. All the best, Mr. B


Level 7

You should tell us about these coins. That would help allot. Especially the Walking Liberty half. . Nice coins. I like the green rattler slab!!People collect them!


Level 6

Sounds like you got some nice coins! ; )


Level 6

Nice to get something. Good pick ups. Great idea to include little sister. Thanks.


Level 5

Nice pickups!


Level 5

Nice finishing your 20th century. Great gift for your sister. Nice pick ups. I hope to acquire something new in coins soon.


Level 5

Good stuff! I bet your sister will love it! A very thoughtful gift!

walking liberty

Level 4

i slyly showed her it and aked her if she liked it. She was very happy and wanted to take it there!

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