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17 Apr 2021

Coin week activity

Exonumia | walking liberty

For my activity, i made a 3 cent cake. It is the reverse of the coin and it is the later version not made of silver. WL


Nice cake! Looks great!


Level 4

Nice cake! Better than I could do.


Level 5

YUM. Unfortunately I violate every possible rule of food safety when cooking.

walking liberty

Level 4

lol technically everyone does


Level 5

Cool cake.


Level 6

Looks good.


Level 6

Cool! Good job ; )


Level 5

Looks good!


Level 5

Awesome job!

It's Mokie

Level 6

YUMM, Save us all a slice please. You did a great job.


Level 7

How much does a slice of a three cent coin cost!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

A three cent nickel cake!


Level 6

Hopefully, it is tasty


Level 5

Awesome cake. Someone in our coin club made a numismatic cake for our summer picnic one year. Cakes with numismatic themes are nice. Good work.

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