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13 Jan 2021

roll hunting

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A couple of days ago i bought $10 in quarters $6 in nickels and $25 in pennies. Out of all the quarters I only found done that I could keep because it filled a hole in my album. out of the nickels, there was about 5 that filled holes in my showcase and no silver. Out of the pennies, i found Canadian pennies the best was a 1964 in beautiful condition. out of all of the wheat pennies i found the two best was a 1925 S and a 1952 in GEM condition. How is it that I can find a 1952 GEM in rolls but I see tons of new pennies that are all beat up. Mystery to be solved. Well that's all I have have a good day WL. (picture not mine)



Level 7

Coin rolling is not only fun . But it brings many people to the hobby.. I still do it. It kills time and is enjoyable. If you don't find any thing then put the coin in a book!!


Level 5

Good finds! Keep em coming!


Level 5

CRH is often frustrating, but occasionally you hit the nice coin. Thanks for the update, nice blog!


Level 5

You may be the victim of a coin drop by a dealer or fellow collector. The annual coin week search and people putting back into circulation collectible coins? That 1964 Canadian look's more like Lincoln, but still a beauty. I hope to do some searching and have results.


Level 4

Fantastic search!!! The simple answer to those more incredible condition coins you find is that some metals/alloys (and annealing processes) end up creating a harder metal :-) Of course some coins are also just plain "lucky" and end up experiencing less wear, contact, and or circulation.

Great finds. It is odd how some coins can be found in rolls after 70 years and look better then cents of the same year.


Level 6

Nothing wrong with those finds. Good luck.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great finds! Some nice finds there.,.


Level 5

Nice work! I 1925-S ! WOW! for 20s the only coin I have found is a 1925, I just finished hunting through a penny box and got 13 wheats and a 1964 in beautiful condition as well!


Level 5

Nice work! I am shocked that you found a wheat cent from the 1920 decade, and it is an S mintmark. The 1952 Gem is also a highly unusual but nice find. Keep 'em coming!

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