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15 Jan 2021

steel pennies

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Now by now every one that is a collector knows about the wonderful steel cent that was made in WW2 to save copper. Well here is how it really went. Like I said in the beginning the US government needed the copper for the war efforts so they went into testing phase. One of the test ones was a penny struck in tin but they scrapped that idea. Until they released their so they thought miracle cent, the 1943 steel penny. This penny had an inner zinc core with steel on the top of it. When they released it they had problems instantaneously. Since back in the day coins were a part of life vending machines had a magnet on the inside that would detect if a person was trying to put in a slug instead of a coin, the magnet would latch onto the steel pennies like magnets do and people would lose money. (a slug is a round object such as a washer that people would put into vending machines or other items to get a free item) another problem is that since they were made of steel they would rust very easily, and that was a huge problem because back in the day people would work get sweaty witch made their money wet and the penny rusted. So in 1944, they took back all the cents they could melted them down and instead used bullet cases as the coin alloy.


Those are great looking steel cents! it is hard to fin them that look so well.


Level 5

I like the steel cent, like most of us, I have a bunch, nice blog.


Level 5

Nice blog, and beautiful set! My best is a 66 like Mike B

It's Mokie

Level 6

Roger Burdette wrote an interesting book about all the prototypes for WWII emergency money. I have a signed copy in my llbrary, it is titled "United States Pattern & Experimental Pieces of WW-II". Well worth a read.


Level 5

Thats for the historical dive! A very fascinating coin! (:

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I think you meant the steel cent was zinc, covered by steel, not copper

walking liberty

Level 4

yes i did thank you! i will change it right now


Level 5

1943 steel cents look great when uncirculated. I have a few rolls of circulated steel cents. Very interesting year for cents. Can't imagine if steel cents would of been made for more years? Imagine all the rusty ones !


Level 6

Back in the day the vending machine people were a huge concern in the minting of any new coin type. Thanks.


Level 5

thanks for the info! I like your new profile photo!


Level 7

It makes for a nice set. There doing them over and charging allot of money for them. It does say on the box refurbish. The best grade I ever got was a 66. The rest as you say are rusty and ugly. Nice avitar!!

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