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24 Nov 2014

1883 Racket Nickel!! Awesome Find!

Odd & Curious Money | Weiner Numismatics

Found a true Racketeer Nickel today; will have the pictures up soon! Hope everyone is having an awesome collecting day!



Level 5

Great find!

In order for it to be a true Racket nickel, it must have been gold plated in 1883 when the 'No Cents' 1883 'V' Nickel was first released.


Level 6

That is cool! I'm also wondering what makes it a true racketeer nickel?


Level 4

Sweet! I've never found a gold plated coin. :(


Level 5

Nice job! (Are you sure you're not just "Joshing" us?! lol)


Level 6

A gold plated one? Well done. Nice find!


Level 5

Looking forward to seeing it. What makes a "true" racketeer nickel?

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