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04 Jan 2015

PCGS gets the Date Wrong!

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Just acquired this one; seems I have taken an interest in Slab Errors by 3rd Party Graders. I enjoy using these pieces as educational tools for new collectors. What do you guys think?

UK 2 Pounds, 1998

PCGS Slab Error - Wrong Date, 1994 instead of 1998



Level 7

I had a third party grader put the reverse where the obverse should of went. That's the only one I have is it the date that's wrong?


Level 4


that is so cool


Level 5

Interesting. Wish I had a slab error.


Level 5

T5hat is an interesting find a the coin looks great!


Level 5

Interesting find!


Level 5

You gotta love errors like this!!

There is no actual mint error here; just a PCGS error lol.


Level 4

Pretty cool! How would I be able to get such a coin?

It is extremely rare for PCGS to make such a rediculous error like this. I only have 3 third party grader error examples in my entire collection; I use them as educational aids to teach new collectors and numismatists. All three of the examples in my collection I found on eBay, but in two of the cases, the seller did not realize the errors were there (They did not know what they were really selling.). Be prepared to pay quite a bit for something like this.


Level 6

So is PCGS wrong in the date, or is the date on the coin wrong?

PCGS got the date wrong; the UK was not making these coins in 1994.

Oops forgot I just did the dumbest thing of all time

I could have sworn I saw user_ 's blog

You can't tag people here but I'll just leave a username here: Weinernumismatics would like that. On a side note, great errors!


Level 6

Great find! Error's are fun to collect!


Level 4

Yes for Educational I agree.


Level 5

I have seen many of the "mechanical" errors.

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