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25 Jan 2016


Coins | Wil Chapman Jr.

First things first, I am not a writer and I don't claim to be one so please bare with me. As I roam around the bourse floor at coin shows I notice one thing, The average age of the attendees is getting older and older. The young generation just has no interest in the hobbie, but how do we get them interested? I know some here are detectorist, someone who metal detects. This of itself is a great hobbie. Not only can you find rare coins, relics, gold and silver. You also unearth the past. Things that would fade away beneath the surface and lost forever. So one way to get kids interested could be metal detecting. It also has other advantages. Gets them away from the TV, video games, and out getting some exercise. Plus its a good bonding experience, so get out there and make some memories.



Level 5

Your point is very valid. The problem is two-fold. First, the lack of disposable income (income - expenses) where there is money left after expenses. Second, the parents of YN's are all to willing to use debit, credit and digital payments instead of cash. Not using cash means no coins or currency for youth's to see let alone to hunt through!


Level 5

yep, we the younger generation, are shrinking


Level 7

Hi Will! The person you might want to hook up with is Kellen. He is young and has made two videos. I believe one of the problems has to do with finance's. This hobby is becoming the hobby of Kings. Coin's are not cheap anymore. To start a collection at a young age take's money. Like I said that's one of the reason's. Kellin is spreading the word to younger collectors,and what to do. Your right though. The last time young people were involved were the state quarter's. Now everything is good and then more gold. I don't have the answers. I wish I could help you more.Mike

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