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04 Aug 2015

New coins/paper money Part 1

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When I was on vacation in New Jersey I stopped at 2 coin dealers and purchased the following coins:

1980-D Susan B Anthony dollar MS-65
1970-S Lincoln cent MS-64
1955-S Lincoln cent MS-63
1928-C $5 Bill VF

1962 New Zealand Penny MS-60
1991 Russia 2 Kopeks MS-64
1961 Germany 2 Pfennig MS-63
1967 Canada Cent MS-62
1980 Italy 10 Lira AU-50
1940 Netherlands 1 Gulden AU-55
1943 India 1/4 Rupee EF-45
1920 Straits Settlements Half dollar EF-45
1930 Netherlands 1/2 Gulden EF-43
1951 United Kingdom Florin EF-40
1923 Netherlands 5 Cents VF-25
1949 United Kingdom Shilling EF-45
1937 Netherlands 1/2 Cent Au-55
1947 Panama 1/2 Balboa VF-20
2010 Indonesia 1000 rupiah MS-60 (Found in Grandparents Car cupholders)
1949 France 5 Francs EF-40
1899 Straits Settlements 10 Cents VF-25
1915 Netherlands 1 Cent EF-40
1963 Ireland 1/2 Crown EF-40
1961 Panama 1/4 Balboa AU-50
1952 Austria 10 Groschen EF-40
1950 United Kingdom Farthing AU-50
1943 Netherlands Cent EF-45
1944-D Philippines 20 Centavos MS-62

Post a comment If you have found collectable coin in a odd place (like a cars cupholder)



Level 7

Very nice coins. You should read the history behind the twenty centavos from the Philippines. Yes it has a Denver mint mark but they were made in San Francisco and Denver. That was to help them get back on there feet after the war. The story is really interesting.


Level 5

u got a lot there!


Level 4

Nice ! Which coin shops did you stop at?


Level 5

Washington rock rare coins, Garwood rare coins


Level 5

Sounds like a good vacation. Did you stop at Jersey Coin Showcase in Keyport, NJ?


Level 5

No. I wanted to stop there but it was too far away.


Level 6

Wow! You really added some nice finds to your collection!


Level 5

Large list of very nice finds! Looks like great buys.


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