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05 Aug 2015

New coins/paper money Part 2

| BossX

Here are my new coins from a local coin show:

2005-D Buffalo nickel ICG MS-67
1965 Canada Dime NGC PL-64
Seres 2006-F $1 Binary note VF
1987 Mint set
2015 National parks quarters all NGC PF-70
1933 Double eagle 1 oz copper

Coming up: What is the ideal ANA Car?



Level 7

In like your pick ups. The picture of the quarter I like. Simply because I collect the set. When I say set I mean the ultra cameo silver. To collect all of them your talking a lot of money. Now I won't get rich but I like the designs and the way these ones are made. Nothing wrong with the others there nice to. Again thanks for the pictures and the blog. Mike


Level 5

Nice pf70.


Level 5

If only the 1933 were gold!


Level 6

Good gets. Keep it up!


Level 5

Those are soem really nice coins! That coming up article sounds very interesting,


Level 3

Nice pickups!


Level 4

Keep it up!


Level 4

Thanks for sharing the coins are awesome.


Level 5

WHOA!!! I hadn't seen two of those 2015 quarters; in fact, I thought that the Saratoga quarter was the 2015 design for the Native American Dollar!!!


Level 5

It is great to hear about people attending and supporting their local coin shows. It looks like you found some great coins and currency.


Level 4

Those look great!


Level 6

Looks like you made out like a bandit at the Coin Show!!! Very nice!!!

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