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Hi everyone!  I was curious about what other hobbies you enjoy outside of numismatics?  I collect anything and everything historical, do a bit of stand-up…

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The ANA Education Team has come up with 12 monthly quizzes that will soon be available for download (I have the page under construction right…

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Since I can't go to any coin shows or club meetings, I've mostly been surfing ebay, which is not the same.  What is everyone doing…

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Not sure if there is a CONECA thread, but if there is not I would like to start one.

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Open invitation to all YNs and adult collectors in Southeastern,…


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Elongated coins (so-called because of their shape after they are…


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Does anyone out there know if there is a Walking…


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The Brazilian Numismatic Association was founded in January 1st 1951,…


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  I was wondering if anyone from here will be attending…


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In case you didn't already suspect, for now at least,…

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