Upcoming Spring PAN show

Another year is quickly advancing. The spring coin show is only two weeks away, May 6-8 at the Monroeville Convention Center just east of downtown Pittsburgh. For those who've never been, it's a great place to browse hundreds of tables featuring coins and various numismatics from many national dealers. Last years crowd was well above expectations, despite the COVID situation. This years should be no different. As always, parking and admission are free.

22 days ago

Unfortunately I won't make it to this show. I had originally planned to go.  Maybe next year!!

19 days ago

Should be a good coin show.

16 days ago

Any show after last year would be welcome. Mailing the trip is another deal. If I could I would be There in a flash. Thanks.

16 days ago

HCC is set up. If your attending,  stop on by.

10 days ago

Will do. Around noon on Saturday, I'd be the  beard protruding from a mask beneath an Irish flat cap.

9 days ago

Sigh,  I wish I could go.

9 days ago
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