Bar Tokens

Some people think that the US Dollar should be backed in gold. Actually, you can monetize almost anything.  These tokens are evidence of that. For one thing, they bring customers back. They advertise the business, of course. 

6 years ago

These things remind me of another day and age, long before national restaurant chains included a bar (TGI Fridays, Applebee's, etc.). Back when guys like my Dad would stop by after work and shoot pool or stare at the TV mounted on the wall in the corner. And you always knew the name of the bartender. Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

Thanks, Well Worn!  (As a play on the Cheers! theme, and as a nod to what we do here at home for our livings, we have a cartoon on the fridge: Neighborhood Bar seen from the outside - "Hackers: Where Everyone Knows Your Mother's Name.")

I will have to scan a couple of others, but here is one more. 

As a spin-off, I also have medallions from Shendley's Whiskey and other similars. I am not a big bar fly, but I have some interest in the ways that businesses commoditize their inventories.  Anything can be money if it is accepted as such.

6 years ago
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