Help on trading, buying coins

Can anyone help me out here? I'm fairly knew to numismatics and I want to trade coins and buy old collections and sell coins. Can anyone help me on the right path to do doing this on a fair budget and in a simple way?

23 days ago

I'm sorry but that is against the rules. Please read the disclaimer. It's done to protect us all. Oh make a deal with someone and something  happens. Only trouble comes.out of it . Sorry my friend. No buying or trading.

22 days ago

Oh okay I didn't know that. I was only hoping to gain advice on where and how to trade and buy, I wasn't trying to buy, sell, or trade through the ANA. I guess some other group would be better to ask on then

22 days ago

Coin shows and dealer shops are hands down the best!

19 days ago

Coin shows are a great place to make a transaction. I have met quite a few dealers now and would feel comfortable with quite a few on making a sale or a trade. 

18 days ago
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