My Weird Stuff - Skylab Plaster Models from Sculptor's Estate

Amongst my collection of weird exonumia are two plaster models for Skylab I and II medals from the estate of sculptor Adlai Stevenson Hardin. Both plasters are about 12 inches in diameter. Medallic Art Company struck medals from these in bronze and silver sometime during the late 1970's. Hardin was a cousin of Democrat Adlai Stevenson and died in 1989. I purchased these from a seller who bought them at a Lyme, Connecticut estate auction after Hardin's death. Mr. Hardin apparently had a studio and lived near Lyme. The Skylab missions were largely forgotten and flew between the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. I love interesting and unusual exonumia. Problem is I have no idea of their actual value. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or estimates from anyone. All I'll say is that I have yet to locate another plaster model from a struck medal.

6 years ago
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