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In an effort to get to know each other a little better, what would you say your "Holy Grail" piece is, and what is your…

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I would like to put up at topic for discussion just for fun and further thought.  Which grading service is the best?  And this can…

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Are there any coin roll hunters on this site? If you are, comment what you like to hunt and share your finds

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What is your favorite U.S. Commemorative Coin of all time? Post a picture and share yours. 

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I found a 2000D roosevelt dime that appears to have…


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Hello fellow numismatists! The U.S. Mint launched the Homestead National Monument…


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Well what do you think? Guess on the grade?


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Not really an off topic place to post this so…


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I was looking through my wheat cent collection and noticed…


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I have what might be an odd question. But, Has anyone…


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I would like to do a poll. Can everyone share…


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I have loved pattern coins ever since I first checked…


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Well, there's no general form to post such things, so…


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I belatedly received my baseball siver dollar proof.  So even…

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