"We need more money"- NGC Executives

NGCX. Created to entice collectors from various other hobby interests into the coin hobby by incorporating the familiar and easily understandable 10 point scale used in all collectible but coin, where the 70 point scale becomes confusing to new collectors. Okay. Got it. So tell me this, "slight softening, modern softening and softening" listed between grades is somehow easier??? No, the new gimmick grade is simply being offered to make money through re-submissions to the new scale. Or so I see this route taken in greater numbers than out right initial submission. What a scam NGC!  Had they actually done any sort of coin collector research, they would quickly learn that most new and young collectors are not all that confused with the Sheldon Scale. They may question why it stops at seventy, which appears to be the extent of their concern. Not the actual numerical grade and it's meaning. 

6 months ago

I give them credit for business ideas. I don't believe for a second they think it's good for anything other than making money. A lot of coins are in holders. New mint products might not be enough business? It never will end. CAC stickers,  new 10 point grading addition?   + after the grade. Why not a - after the grade? Does anyone do MS65 minus yet? Why do coins need graded like baseball cards? Maybe baseball cards need graded like coins. Collecting holders is a great hobby now. Look at golf club makers. Each year a new set of golf clubs comes out that are portrayed as better. Better phones need purchased. But is coin grading going to be better? Probably not? 

6 months ago
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