And the frustrations continue

I order one Peace dollar in July, encountered numerous glitches before ending up with two confirmed instead of just one. My lucky day, or so I thought. On the 28th of October I received an email that it was being filled, followed a day later needing me to contact the mint's customer service. In between the pre-order date and October fulfillment the expiration date on my credit card had changed. Prior to the two mentioned e-mails, I had updated my payment information to reflect this change. Today, the first, I received a third e-mail requesting contact with customer service within seven days or my order would be cancelled. Now I tried twice calling them, as the live chat is down (go figure, it has COVID I guess) and again this evening at 6:41.  At 7:21 I was finally talking to a real person, explaining all of the above. Yet despite my new information changed before all of this bill/shipping process began I still had to verbally provide it to customer service Why??? It was already changed!  There are some real winners working for the United States Mint.  End of rant.   

25 days ago

I had the same gliches. But not as many. The fact that I got into the ordering page was a miricle. For years I never got to order some beautiful coins. They did change some of the problems. The same happened to at least three others plus me. I got in, there were 2 D mints in my bag. The last time I tried to lower it they kicked me off. So I took them. Two is better than none. I was one  the biggest complainers the mint had. I said many times I was waiting to get arrested. But I have to say it they did fix some things. They have a long way to go.I sent one yesterday when my peace dollars arrived. The cheapest packing I ever saw. The coins were out of the cut put there  never out the little boxes. They were fine  I remember the days when they came in hard plastic you opened it from the front. And they had a black cushion over the coins. That's when they had pride. That's gone because of Ryder. I don't think they paid 2 cents for a box. To protect these coins. Wil! It ever end?

24 days ago

I feel your pain also LB. I had the same thing happen to me earlier this year. My bank card’s expiration date had changed and they sent me new cards. I was signed up for the yearly enrollment programs for the clad set and the silver set. When I eventually got to speak with someone they told me that I would have to “re-enroll” and put in the new information. Needless to say, my patience is running VERY thin with those folks…..NUFF said!

24 days ago
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