Finding Old Numismatists

The title of this thread can be quite misleading, but I'm not talking about aged collectors, I am talking about the ANA's wonderful magazine, The Numismatist.
Last year at the Summer Seminar, I stumbled upon 7 years of old copies of the magazine, 1942-1948, at the book sale held at the ANA's HQ. I have been collecting red books, and although the first few editions are scarce and cost a decent penny, I still find them from time to time. Although I have access to all of the copies online, I have decided I want collect hard, printed copies of The Numsimatist, but I can't find hardly nay. Does nyone have tips or suggestions on where I can find these?

1 year ago

You can find old issues of the Numismatist on Ebay but then you have to pay a premium plus shipping in most cases.  You could ask members of your coin club if they have old issues of the Numismatist in their library they would be willing to gift you, or sell you for a very nominal cost.  You can check with your library to see if they have old issues, maybe they will want to clear out those old issues for free or a nominal cost.  You can get really lucky at a thrift store and find some old issues.  But, bottom line, it will probably cost you some cash unless you find a collector just wanting to make more room in their personal library.  


1 year ago

Thank you!

1 year ago
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