Patience Pays Off

Wahoo! I just scored the 2022 silver Liberty medal which purportedly sold out back in September from the U.S. Mint website. At 11:08 p.m. of all times! I soooo wish I would have scored last year's gold specimen. So keep checking back even if a product becomes unavailable due to a sell-out. And check the reports found on U.S. Coin News, which are published every few weeks listing sold totals with plus or minus changes. This is a great indicator to possible availability after the fact. Worked for me.

1 month ago

Indeed. I tell others the same. Sign up for the reminders, in case the mint gets returns, cancelled orders, of end up with extra inventory. Congrats on the score. 

1 month ago

Very nice you got the coin ! I haven't done the US mint lately. The low mintage items are hard to score.  

29 days ago

Well done. You lucked out my friend. I know you wanted this medal.

25 days ago

I received it yesterday, and was quite surprised with the size and quality of the outer case holding this beauty. That's to say just the case as the cheap, flimsy interior plastic liner with what feels like sprayed on felt leaves much to desire. Shame that the U.S. Mint stopped selling products in high quality packaging as opposed to the crap made in China. Obviously this is what it has resorted to at the Mint. Especially looking at the coin quality and cost to obtain them, they deserve better storage. 

24 days ago
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