Tremendous upside

In an older forum post I talked about finding value on silver, or any bullion, if you know where to look and do some simple research. Today, I purchased 5 1991 Mount Rushmore half dollar commemoratives in their original capsules without the box or certificate for $26.49. Yes, you read that correctly. If you know what a half dollar weighs, 11.34 grams (.40 oz), it becomes easy to see that I bought just under 2 ounces factoring out the ten percent copper-nickle. As of today's close, silver was $22.21 per ounce. What's strange is that I buy similar to this, perhaps half of the current profit,  quite often. So again, anyone who knows where and what to buy could gain these sort of investment returns. Especially if done while the spot is low.  

11 months ago

That is great. I look for those, or coins like them sometimes to see if the price is low. 

10 months ago
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