What to buy, oh, what to buy....

This past week I received a much anticipated bonus in my paycheck, and after taking care of necessities (utility bills, outstanding credit card balances, putting some away in the savings account, etc) I was given the green light by my wife to buy myself "something nice" for my recent birthday (after all, most of the credit card debt belonged to her). I allowed myself a $600 limit and scoured eBay for days, eventually settling on a "watch list" of about 10 items. I originally considered a nice colonial to add to the collection, but so many in that price range had 'details' grading and for that money I wanted a problem-free piece. I then considered classic commemoratives, since I have only 6 issues left to complete the series. Sure enough I soon found it: a MS65 Antietam half dollar (NGC) for $615. Maybe someday I'll complete what's left of the series, but everything left is in the stratosphere (such as the 1928 Hawaiian). But I feel like Sir Edmund Hillary getting closer to the summit of Mt. Everest. My story hopefully shows that sometimes having a considerable  amount of cash to spend is sometimes harder than having a measly amount, especially when you want it to reflect the overall quality of your collection. But then again, it was kinda fun....

1 year ago

The Antietam was a wise choice. I bought the same coin in the same grade many years ago.. I went there it was my first major buy at about 250.00 maybe more. The tree on the reverse by Burnside Bridge I stood next to. The coin means  allot to me when I think it was the bloodiest single day of the war. I will be remembering those who fought and died there today. Veterans Day. Thanks for bringing back a great memory

1 year ago
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