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Hi there! Anyone here who shares my interest particularly in Japanese coins?

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A while ago, I got this NGC slab, but it is a advertisement. I assume this company commissioned NGC to make them some of these,…

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Hello!!  This thread is for any world coins (except us) before 1940 and after 1799.  Thanks!!  Rules are no profanity and no exo-numismatic talk.

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I found this and was wondering if anyone would have any information on it or a link to where I could find out about it…

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I have seen several 1966 and 1967 patterns from the…


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Good day,I would like to offer you the new web…


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Good day, I would like to offer you the new web…


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Last week I purchased a copy of the 2016 Standard…


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Hello,So, I did something I dont usually do. I bought…


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I am starting a WWII era coin collection. One of…


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Does anyone collects coins from East and South Europe (Ex…

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