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Howdy All,I'll introduce myself to start off this section of the forums: I am a Young Numismatologist, numismatologist sounds better that numismatist. I am active…

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hi! does anyone else collect cents, (Large and small), for most of their collection? or, do you like cents? (In case you're wondering, CENTS AER…

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This is a thread for YN's to talk to each other about their YN auction wins and other numismatic related stuff.

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hi! I am a USA coin collector. my favorite coin I have is a 1909 VDB. Who else in the wild world of coins is…

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Do you collectors out there have any great ideas for…


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How do you store your collection?  I use a large wooden…


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What is your favorite coin,series, or denomination and why? Mine…


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I just managed to find the virtual exhibits (It was…


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What do you think about the design of the new Native…


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Dear colleagues, I would like to ask some questions advanced…


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Hi my name is farruu( of course my internet name)…


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What is your Favorite USA Commemorative?


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Is there anyone here who enjoys collecting nickels? And if…


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I wondering what the younger folks thinks of ancient coins?  I'd…

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