YN Opprotunities

I am working on my first submission for the Early American Copper Project, and wondered if anybody else has done the EAC project too? If so, what was it like? Also, while at the YN auction this past month, the amount of YNs with large amounts of YN dollars shocked me. How are people getting this many dollars?! I KNOW there aren’t 75 YNs doing the blog posts every week! Any insight would be welcome. Also, what is up with the pictures? I can’t upload any pics, so I can’t update my collections!!!

25 days ago

So that is why you didn't add pics to your blogs... well I know CentSearcher is having the same issue, so just hang in there and maybe try again later.

25 days ago

You should ask NumisMaster, he has completed most of the stages of the EAC project. I've done my first activity for the project, but I haven't gotten to the other two quite yet. 

And you're right, there aren't 75 YNs blogging for YN dollars. There are a ton of ways to earn YN dollars that are done privately. Completing the diploma program alone gets you over a thousand YN dollars. 

I've been having the same problem with photos for the past several days. I was going to write a blog post today, but I decided to wait and see if the problem gets fixed soon. If not I'll go ahead and post it and upload images later when it's working again.

25 days ago

Only problem with the diploma program is it costs money…

23 days ago
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