ancient coin project

Ancient Coin Project

Are you already a coin collector or numismatist? A collector may save coins, but a numismatist also studies his/her coins, learning the history behind their production; identifies and catalogs them; and shares knowledge and experiences by writing articles, exhibiting or speaking.

How does one grow from being a coin collector to a numismatist? One way is to join the ANA's David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project. Named in honor of the project's founder and 25-year coordinator, it provides a way for young collectors to earn a series of quality ancient coins by writing articles or school reports, doing a presentation for school or Scouts, exhibiting, or doing other interesting projects. You do not have to know anything about ancient history or do your projects on ancient coins.

All submissions must be unique to this program.  Along the way, if you would like more information about any of the coins you earned, please contact Harlan Berk [Bio], project sponsor.

For more information please contact education@money.org.


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